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Health and safety is integrated into all McMillan Drilling systems. Our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and audited to ensure we always provide a safe working environment

Integrated into all MD systems is Health and Safety. Policies and Procedures have been implemented across a diverse range of working conditions to ensure a safe working environment for management and staff (refer attached Health, Safety and Environmental Policies). These procedures include initial induction and ongoing training of all personnel in their respective tasks/duties and all associated health/safety documentation and reporting (training matrixes for all personnel are available on request).

MD have long term contracts with Clients such as Exxon Mobil and Chevron working on live fuel station sites, therefore Health and Safety systems are routinely audited and refined to ensure the highest possible level of safety is maintained.

As well as conducting normal routine internal audits, in April 2009 MD Health and Safety Systems successfully passed a review by the Labour Department. MD currently hold valid 2014-2015 secondary level accreditation for ACC Workplace Safety Management Systems and expects tertiary levels to be forthcoming within 2015-2016.

One fully comprehensive document is routinely implemented into projects to form the Health and Safety Plan. For major projects a more detailed pre-start Site Inspection and Site Specific Hazard Assessment is carried out. The findings from these are reviewed and a Site Specific Health and Safety Plan compiled.

The personnel with specific Health and Safety responsibilities for the construction works are as follows:
<li>Iain Haycock Project Manager</li>
<li>Harley Winchester Operations Manager</li>
<li>Tracey Flatman Safety Officer</li>
<li>Gerald Bennett Site Supervisor</li>
<li>Colin Charleston Site Safety Officers (Fully Inducted &amp;
Workplace First Aid Certified)</li>