Geotechnical and Environmental Site Investigation

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With bases in Southbridge, Christchurch, Auckland and Fiji, we can help with water solutions throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.

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Geotechnical and Environmental Site Investigation - Capabilities

  • rotary coring (NQ, HQ, PQ – double, triple barrel + wireline) with optional core orientation
  • rotary blast/wash (air/water/mud flush)
  • rotary sonic (4×6, 6×8, DT45 & DT60 sampling – wireline) conventional & dual tube sampling
  • direct push (2 3/4”, 3 1/2”) single & dual tube sampling
  • hollow stem/flight auger
  • cable percussive
  • dynamic cone penetration (DCP – super heavy DPSH)
  • standard penetration testing (SPT) – with SPT PDA Analyser
  • cone penetration testing (CPT, CPTu, sCPT – 10cm2 & 15cm2 + sensitive cone)
  • downhole seismic probe with true interval dual sensor (geophone)
  • Marchetti flat dilatometer (DMT + sDMT)
  • downhole vane shear testing (fully automated/electronic or manual Geonor)
  • instrumented permeability testing including packer testing (single & straddle)
  • undisturbed sampling (Gel Push, Dames & Moore, Pitcher, Push Tube – U50-U100)
  • instrumentation and installations (vapour points, monitoring bores, sampling wells, piezometer/standpipes, vibrating wires, extensometers, inclinometers, borus anchors, settlement monuments)
  • environmental sampling
  • bore decommissioning
  • trial soil/rock anchors and associated performance testing (pull out tests)
  • consultation/assessment and advice
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