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Project Description


Project manager:
Iain Haycock
Town Hall, central Christchurch
Objective: To provide water bores to feed the new heating system for Christchurch Town Hall

NZ$127.5 million was budgeted for the Christchurch Town Hall restoration project. The work includes repairing and strengthening the Town Hall to 100% of New Building Standard, as well as a significant upgrade and refurbishment of the facility. Repair of the heritage building involved substantial ground repair and the project is one of the biggest restoration projects undertaken in Christchurch.
McMillan Drilling won the tender to provide water bores to feed the heating system for the Town Hall. The requirement was 55L/sec coming from two abstraction bores and being reinjected onto one bore. The abstraction bores were drilled to the Wainoni aquifer, 130m below ground level.
McMillan Drilling were required to work on the busy site, complying with various operational and safety requirements and to work in conjunction with other ground repair activities. As with other projects, McMillan Drilling prefers to work with a collaborative approach to best ensure a successful and “no surprises” outcome.