PEGASUS TOWNSHIP WATER SUPPLY 2017-06-06T12:20:26+12:00

Project Description


Project manager:

Iain Haycock


Pegasus, Christchurch

Equipment used:

Rig 393: Power Probe VTR9700

Objective: To secure a reliable and high quality water supply for over 2000 residential lots and associated amenities.

McMillan successfully tendered for the exploration phase of the Pegasus Town Municipal Water Supply, and was subsequently awarded the construction of two large-diameter production bores complete with deep pre-collar sanitary seals. Given the importance of the initial objective, particular emphasis was placed on exploration work. A number of the sites had historical Maori values and all site work had to comply with local Te Runanga. Drilling methods were selected to ensure accurate sample recovery for detailed lithological logging, and aquifer tests were conducted throughout to establish performance and water quality.

Working alongside project engineers, we faced numerous challenges to ensure monitoring bore installations were constructed successfully and to ensure key aquifers could be monitored. We installed a 5-level piezometer to a depth of 240mbgl, using proprietary design and construction techniques. Equipped with electronic transducers and data loggers, high quality data was obtained from the installation during extensive aquifer testing. The data formed an integral component in the development and calibration of a hydrogeological computer model to put forward a strong case to the local regulatory authorities for consent application.

The contract was completed on time and on budget.