METRO SPORTS FACILITY 2017-06-06T11:44:37+12:00

Project Description


Project manager:

Iain Haycock


Metro Sports Facility, Christchurch

Equipment used:

Two sonic rigs
Dust suppression equipment
Direct push rig

Objective: To carry out detailed geotechnical and environmental investigations.

McMillan Drilling was engaged to carry out detailed investigations for the new Metro Sports facility in Christchurch. While the contamination on this site presented some unusual requirements, these were handled in a prudent and considered manner and have since become relatively standard requirements for drilling on central Christchurch sites post-earthquake.

One of the key reasons we were selected for the project was because of our ability to provide multiple rigs and crews (2 Sonic rigs, digger, dust suppression crew, Direct Push rig etc), which enabled the client to complete the project quickly.