Steve Glasson

Steve started with the company as a driller and has a gift for anything mechanical. He moved into maintenance because of his innate knowledge and clear, logical understanding of drilling rigs and associated equipment. Drilling is hard on equipment and Steve and his team have taken on the challenge to review weaknesses every time they [...]

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Grant Restall

Grant brings the McMillan team a wealth of experience from the food industry and high performance sport. Grant's remit is to optimise performance in areas supporting the operations and technical departments. This frees the specialist team to concentrate on customers' projects, backed up by a highly efficient support team.

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Massimo Rinaldo

Massimo has been a geologist in the drilling industry for 12 years. Since emigrating to NZ from Italy, he has been involved with a range of medium to large geotechnical projects in the role of geotechnical consultant and field geologist. More recently, he has focused on project management and incorporating Quality and HSE into a [...]

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Tracey Flatman

Tracey has been at McMillan Drilling for 10 years and is central to day-to-day business. In addition to overseeing the accounts, she has streamlined the administration side of our well-drilling operations, providing clients with scheduling information, well consents and compliance, Health & Safety systems and documentations, and other key information. Tracey has been instrumental in [...]

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Richard Wise

Richard has been involved in geotechnical/environmental engineering and drilling for over 20 years as a field technician/geologist, geomechanics laboratory and technician manager, civil construction drilling operations manager and site investigation drilling contracts manager. He has been involved in site investigation and civil construction projects throughout New Zealand, with a particular focus in Christchurch city and [...]

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Gearld Bennett

Gearld's 17 years in the drilling industry have seen him master both Rotary and Cable Tool Rigs and he has an excellent knowledge of ground conditions. He has been responsible for the supervision of a number of municipal water supplies, where his level-headed approach, experience and knowledge have been invaluable. Gearld is responsible for field [...]

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Harley Winchester

Harley has been involved in the drilling industry for 40 years and offers in-depth knowledge of drilling methods and operations. He has been responsible for the running of up to five large rotary rigs, seven cable tool rigs, associated ancillary equipment and personnel for the last 28 years. Harley has sound knowledge of ground conditions [...]

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Iain Haycock

Iain is a qualified, registered engineer with 20 years' experience in New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands and the UK. He has worked as consultant and contractor civil/geotechnical design engineer on a wide range of projects and is now Group Manager and Project Manager for specialist projects. He has been involved with a variety of contractual [...]

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